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Hello everyone, my name is Tea and I'm a lawyer with many, but many dreams to fulfill. "NonSoloModa" is a project born from the desire to create a window that will allow you to interact with my thoughts and everything that surrounds me. I chose to give this name to my blog because it represents an important moment of my life, 3 (perfect number) words that made me find the happiness' (the real one) and that likewise contain all that is La Tea. It was created with the purpose of sharing with those who will be pleased to follow me, my passions and my way of being. Fashion, beauty, photography, lifestyle. I love the creativity. My posts will be oriented on the different trends, reviews, thoughts, endless lists of wishes and much more. I'm a born collector, but in particular I collect bags, shoes, enamel and codes ...... oh I forgot .... also collect magazines. Determined and resourceful, I love the challenges and get in the game, two adjectives that I represent: esthete and perfectionist, beauty and accuracy are essential components in my life and I'm stubborn as hell. Well the idea of ​​having a space created my (and yours too) amuses me and excites me!

Imagine my blog as a container in the shape of HEART containing all the things that I love, I live. A treat for those who read and for me, because thanks to you I can express and share everything I love.

Always the fashion moves my life, keen observer of the various trends, of which I do not make a rigid schedule to follow, but always customize my looks. I will share with you my outfits, trying somehow to be a source of inspiration for people like me who can not resist all that is fashion and unique!

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