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My name is Kiki, I was born in September 1991. As a little girl I was always someone who was incredibly struck. Were it not for my clothes, it was talking about my hair. As a young girl I had in fact short hair. Very short! I used to think that a lot of fun, and of course very easy. Yet I always did strange things. Sometimes I let the paints (kanlrood) if I was going to set one up. Extension at the hairdresser Fortunately I was never teased and everyone thought it actually incredibly cool. My clothes were always different. I always had in my mind a picture of what clothes I wanted to wear. And yes, I had a creative mother than to nagging far faced. My clothes I was a mix between a boy and girl. If you were to ask people from my school how I would look like that, now come, I think all the other answers. In any case, not a girl-girl as I am now. Okay terms inwardly I am still not quite, but in terms of appearance, I can not deny it anymore. I like fashion fun, not all extreme, but just like anything else. I have very long blonde hair. Really something totally different than before with my spines. If people have to describe me, they always talk about my hair. Seriously. And I wear makeup. Oh yeah, and heels. If not feminine than female, then I do not know what is.

I started a blog is actually not something I ever imagined. Not that I previously knew about blogging, but I never expected I would write articles. Because I have dyslexia. Even though I find writing very much, I always make spelling errors. The older I am the more I think whatever. So just how I am. Anyone know what I mean, whether I make spelling errors. Sure you can you do to annoy the reader, but it just is not different.

I'm in the third year of my study iMotion of Communication internship with Fuzzy Shots PR in A'dam. Here I really found out how much fun mode actually is. I spoke with several bloggers, but everyone has their own style. Mine was slightly different, so if it originated. If they can inspire people, then why not me. After my internship I have six months to study in Arnhem. I am now graduated with a political party and I have my diploma. I live for half a year in Sarajevo (Bosnia) It is awesome. I hope I can find a job here, but first I'm going to enjoy it.

I think you now know quite a bit about me. I hope you will read my blog with pleasure. And if you want to know something, you can always email me.

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